Halloween Is the Time to Say I Love You

Halloween Is the Time to Say I Love You is now available for only 99 cents from Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Google Play Books, and Kobo!

Thank you so much for downloading and for spreading the word! 🙂

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My latest ebook is now available for FREE

Hello! I hope you’re having a great week.

The first book in my new Halloween Hearts series, A Kiss at Halloween, is now available to download for FREE from every major e-book retailer. Well, almost every retailer. I’m still working on Apple iBooks and Google Play Books :). I’ll add those links to my website as soon as they’re available. In the meantime, download A Kiss at Halloween from 

AmazonSmashwordsKobo, and Barnes & Noble.

Pre-order the next installment!

You can also already pre-order the next novella in the series, All I Want for Halloween Is You, at most of the same stores for only 99 cents. This book will be released on June 28th, 2022. Click the buttons below to reserve your copy today!

There’s also a Goodreads giveaway currently running for this title through June 25th, if you’d like to enter :). The contest is for the Kindle format and is open to readers in the United States.

Have a great rest of the week, and as always, thank you so much for reading!


Elizabeth Myles


Announcing a new series: Halloween Hearts

Happy Halloween from Hillingham Hollow!

It’s only May. Isn’t that a little early to be talking about Halloween?

Maybe, but there are five books in my upcoming romance series, and by the time they’re all released (one per month, only 99 cents each), it will be nearly time for the big holiday.

Besides, those of you who know me at all will know that it is kinda always Halloween in my heart ;).

I am someone who is just as likely to enjoy a scary movie as a Hallmark film, or to appreciate a ghost or vampire story as much as a heartwarming romance novel.

These past couple of years (while, like most people, I was home even more often than usual), I became fixated on the idea of writing a series combining my preferences: the sweet and the eerie, the light and the dark. I wanted to create something “cute with a spooky edge.” What I ended up with was a five-book novella series called Halloween Hearts, which I am happy to share with you over the next few months.

Halloween Hearts takes place in Hillingham Hollow, a fictional suburb of Houston, Texas.

Hillingham Hollow sits right next door to Vintage Meadow Lake, the setting for my paranormal series, The Sharpest Kiss. This means that vampires, sorcery, and other bits of supernatural fun exist in the Halloween Hearts universe—but not everyone who lives there knows it. Some books in this series contain paranormal elements; others do not. Each story takes place over the same weekend, and the characters overlap. However, each book can be read as a stand-alone story.

Is this a weird idea? Maybe. Probably. But one of the awesome things about being an indie author is having the liberty to write whatever captures my imagination, even if it is odd :). This series kept me in a happy place during COVID, and I hope it brings a smile to your face, as well.

Many of the characters in Halloween Hearts deal with heartache and loss in one form or another, but, ultimately, positivity and optimism win the day. The overarching themes of the series are love and trust, friendship and family, healing and hope.

If this series sounds like something that interests you, I invite you to download book one, A Kiss at Halloween, for FREE, as soon as it’s available, and please join my email list to be alerted when I release each new title in the series. And y’all, I know inflation is high and budgets are tight. Each additional book will cost only 99 cents.

As always, thank you so much for your support. It means the world to me. And Happy Halloween, a little early!



The Sharpest Kiss Collection is here!

The Sharpest Kiss Collection is now available from Amazon!

This special digital collection contains all three full-length novels from my paranormal romantic comedy series, The Sharpest Kiss: The Sharpest Kiss, Back to Bite You, and Yesterday’s Demon—plus over 200 pages of all-new bonus content, including an all-new, never-before-published BONUS NOVELLA, A Thing Like Death, a bonus “meta excerpt” from A Prince at Midnight by R.Q. Vander Gries*, fun recipes, and more. Click the button below to read the full description and download your copy today!

*R.Q. Vander Gries is not a real person, just me having fun ;).

In other news… My very first foray into indie publishing, Fear and Laundry is now available, for the first time ever, to read for free in Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program. Let this sweet teen romance take you back to 1994, when VHS tapes, cassettes, and zines ruled the day…

You can also now download BOTH Fear and Laundry ebooks together in one handy set. This special ten-year commemorative collection includes both full-length novels and bonus artwork, including cute band flyers and t-shirt mock-ups.

I’ll be running more giveaways on Goodreads soon, so please follow me there to be automatically alerted when they launch.

As a reminder, you can also sign up for my mailing list here, to receive updates on sales, giveaways, and new releases.

I wish you all a wonderful rest of your fall season. Enjoy the weather and the holidays!

Elizabeth Myles

New boxed set + bonus content coming soon!

Happy fall, y’all!

I hope you’re all doing well.

The weather is finally beginning to feel appropriately crisp and cool for this time of year around here, and I’m loving it.

I want to share a quick announcement with you. I’ll be publishing a new boxed set soon. This collection includes all three full-length Sharpest Kiss novels, as well as a brand-new novella and other bonus content. If you’d like to be alerted as soon it’s available, please sign up for my new mailing list!

I have spent most of this year writing, writing, and doing even more writing. I have a LOT planned for next year, and I’m super excited about it. Since I’m lax about posting on social media, email really is the best way to stay updated on my projects. By signing up, you’ll also be the first to know about new releases, sales, and giveaways!

I promise never to sell your information, and I’ll only contact you if I have an announcement (likely only a handful of times per year). No spam, I promise :).

So…now that things are happening out in the world again, I hope many of you have been able to get out and enjoy yourselves. I’ve gone to a few concerts and other events here and there.

That’s not a real giraffe with us, unfortunately, just a cute sculpture of one. With the sun down, it was hard to get a clear picture of the real deal!

These pix were taken last month at the Houston Zoo, where Steve and I attended their 21-and-up Brew at the Zoo event. We were allowed to wander around parts of the zoo after hours, visit with some animals, and enjoy great craft beers, all while helping to support local wildlife.

Despite living in Houston for many years, I had never been to the zoo before. It was nice to finally have a chance to check it out, particularly on a (mostly) cool and breezy night, with the paths lit by creative light displays and live music playing.

My favorite part of the night was seeing the giraffes up close, because they are my favorite animals. I didn’t stand in line to feed them, though, as time was short and I was hungry—I chose to stand in line to get food for myself, instead! Ha. I hope to go back to the zoo sometime and try the feeding, though. I’m sure it’d be an awesome experience.

I have to give Steve props for finding out about this event and getting us the tickets. He always comes up with the best things for us to do together. Honestly, if it weren’t for him, we’d probably never go anywhere, because I am NOT the date planning type. Luckily, he doesn’t seem to mind ;).

Hope you all have a lovely weekend,


Fear and Laundry turns ten (part 2)

February 22nd, 2021 marked ten years since I first published my YA novel, Fear and Laundry.

It’s strange for me to think about that.

Back then, I was reading a lot of YA, and while the books were brilliant and I enjoyed them, I kept wishing they’d feature characters who reminded me more of me and my friends as teens. There were, it seemed, no books to be found anywhere about girls growing up in West Texas who were into horror movies and rock music and hung out at a laundromat that doubled as a punk rock venue.

Go figure 😊.

I did read one novel featuring secondary characters who sorta started to come close, but then…it turned out they were supposed to be the losers in the story. I remember being amused by that and thinking, “Maybe I oughtta write a story from the POV of the ‘losers,’ then.”

Around that same time, I read a biography of Kurt Cobain (Heavier than Heaven by Charles R. Cross), and for a while after I finished it, I couldn’t stop thinking about Cobain and how I wished his fans had had the opportunity to tell him in person just how much he and his music had truly meant to them.

Years prior to that, I was at a club show in my hometown, where a member of the headlining band (who were not local, and who shall remain nameless) stepped up to the mic and said he and the rest of the band had spent much of the day driving around, checking out our fair city. The audience cheered at this…but then this guy sneered and went on, “What a [bleep]-hole! Take my advice and get out of here as soon as you possibly can.” Pretty funny, yeah, but also horribly rude. Whether he meant it or not (I got the feeling he really did), the comment always stuck in my memory.

My only point in relating all of these seemingly random anecdotes is to say that the inspiration for Fear and Laundry came, as it does for all stories, from all over the place and over the course of many years. The book is peppered with tributes to cultural influences that, for better or worse, helped to shape (warp?) my young mind. It is a love letter to the nineties as I remember them, and to many of my teen self’s favorite things.

A grainy photo of me as a teen, sitting in front of a sculpture of my high school’s mascot. My plaid shirt proves it’s the 90s :). Pretty sure I’m wearing my Nightmare Before Christmas wristwatch from Burger King (which I still have), too. I wish it still worked!

As the ten-year anniversary of the book approached, Steve and I started talking about celebrating it in some way, maybe with a special re-release. Because what says punk rock and DIY better than a 24-karat gold-plated edition, amiright?!

Okay, so maybe that was just an April Fool’s Day joke.

(The digital two-book set is a real thing, though, and includes all-new inner artwork created by Steve. These are his interpretations of some of the fliers, t-shirts, and other ephemera described in the text. Speaking of which, I resisted the temptation to revise the text of Fear and Laundry again [I’d already done that once, in 2013], so, yes, both the book and its follow-up contain rough edges. But they are stories about punk and DIY, y’all—the form fits the content 😉!)

What is no joke to me is how humbled and grateful I am to still be here ten years later, still writing, and knowing that — unlikely as it might seem to me—people continue to read about Veronica Montez and her pals.

If you are one of the kind readers who has ever offered your time and attention to these books…Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Fear and Laundry 1 & 2 may not be autobiographical, but they’ve allowed me to share bits and pieces of my own story. Believe me, I don’t take that for granted.

Teen moi again, looking rather pleased.

Now I can rest easy knowing that, now and forever, there will be at least one book out there about an odd little teenage girl growing up in West Texas who likes horror movies and rock music and hangs out at a laundromat with her friends. Whew. Just what the world always needed, I’m sure 😉!


Elizabeth Myles

Yesterday’s Demon

Hi y’all!

I hope this finds you all healthy and doing well. Just wanted to drop in for a second and let you know that my latest e-book, Yesterday’s Demon, is now available for download on Amazon. Get it for a limited time for only 99 cents (Or you can read it for FREE with your Kindle Unlimited Subscription)!

Here’s the cover by Victoria Cooper Art. Isn’t it gorgeous?!

She’s got a talking dog, a magic rock, a supernatural mystery to solve, and a hot friend determined to make her his.
Can an ex-vampire girl find love and redemption after more than nine centuries of iniquity…or will her dark secret doom everything she’s ever longed for?

Technically, this is The Sharpest Kiss book 3. I hadn’t intended to write another full-length installment in this series, but after finishing Back to Bite You, I started to think it might be fun to make books 1 and 2 available together in a boxed set, and to include one or two short stories in the set as “bonus content.”

Well, the first “short story” I wrote quickly turned into a novel, so…I decided to release it on its own instead. You can read the full blurb on my official website here and enjoy a free preview of the book here.

While Yesterday’s Demon takes place after Back to Bite You (and many of the characters from the first two books appear in it), I have tried my best to make it enjoyable as a stand-alone story, meaning you should not have to read books 1 and 2 in order to follow its plot.

Content advisory: The main characters in this novel are younger than those in the first two books (late teens/early twenties), and the story contains only one or two mild curse words and some mild sensual content (plenty of kissing!) but no sex scenes and no gore. IMO, it has more of a YA feel to it than the other two books, and older teens might enjoy reading it. Just be advised that The Sharpest Kiss and Back to Bite You are both slightly more risqué than Yesterday’s Demon. So, if you are under eighteen, maybe wait to read those…or read at your own risk, lol! 🙂

I’m also excited to note that Yesterday’s Demon features the return of the band Blank Fiction from my first published novel, Fear and Laundry! Well…sort of!

Yesterday’s Demon features a band “named after” the “fictional band” in F & L. Meta enough for you ;)? Hard as it is for me to believe, Fear and Laundry will soon be ten years old, so in honor of its anniversary, I thought it’d be fun to reference that book, as well as to have my two fictional universes collide a little bit.

Because, um…

As with the first two books in The Sharpest Kiss series, I aimed for a lighthearted and humorous tone with this one, and my ultimate hope is that Yesterday’s Demon leaves you with a happy, uplifted feeling and a smile on your face. Hope you enjoy it!

Take care, and, as always, thank you so much for your support.



PS. I don’t know who made that Buffy gif. If it was you, lmk and I’ll credit you!

Pix. And a giveaway.

Hello out there. How’s everybody doing? Okay, I hope :).

Like most of you, I have been here at home for weeks now. Of course, for a writer, that isn’t necessarily all that different from the norm.


My birthday was just over a week ago, and I made my favorite corn chip casserole again. The next night we ordered in a pizza. I also baked myself a cinnamon roll cake, one of my favorite desserts.

cinnamon roll cake

I know it doesn’t look like much, but it is really delicious :).

Steve got me these gorgeous multi-colored roses, and a friend sent me the postcards you can see in the picture. Aren’t they cute? The Twin Peaks one has a new home on my David Lynch shelf. Steve also got me an awesome David Lynch lapel pin for my collection.

(I guess I won’t be using that bag anytime soon, although I told Steve I can carry it around the house, like a little kid pretending I am going somewhere :)).

In book news, The Sharpest Kiss and Back to Bite You have all-new covers created by Victoria Cooper Art.

I think they are gorgeous, and I can’t wait to unveil the matching cover for book three, which will be published (most likely) later this summer. I have been working on it diligently, along with several other projects I’ve got in the pipeline.

In the meantime, I am giving away 100 electronic copies of The Sharpest Kiss on Goodreads. To enter, click below!

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The Sharpest Kiss

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I hope you’re all healthy and hanging in there. Sincerest best wishes,