Had a really nice past few days with Steve, even though we didn’t do anything too special.

Thursday night we saw Spider-man: Homecoming, which I thought was a little too long but overall, cute and fun. I still haven’t quite gotten used to the movie theaters that have reclining seats in them but I have to admit they are comfy. I’m sure it won’t be long before I wind up falling asleep in one of them :).

Friday night I tried my hand at making pizza using beer in the crust. We had an odd number of Saint Arnold’s Art Car IPA, so I used the extra one in the recipe. It turned out pretty well but I think a different, darker beer might work better. Steve suggested Fat Tire and I think that would probably be really good!

Earlier in the week, a local furniture bank sent a truck out to pick up our old bed, which had been sitting in our garage since we moved to this apartment a few months ago. We knew before we even moved that we wanted to get rid of it. It’s too big and not very comfortable. But it’s hardly been used, so we wanted to find a good home for it if we could, and we didn’t have time to do that before packing up, so we just wound up bringing it along with us.

It took a lot of hunting to find a charity that would take it but I finally did. I’m glad the bed will now most likely be going to someone who can use it, and I’m also SO glad to have that crossed off my to-do list! The garage looks so much better now, too, without the mattresses and such stacked in it. Yesterday Steve and I re-arranged the stuff that’s left in there and it looks even nicer and neater now. It’s awesome every time we open the door and go in there.

No, it doesn’t take much to excite me :).

Yesterday was National Ice Cream Day, or so Steve told me. We went to get milkshakes. Mine was Oreo.

We started watching “Ash Vs. Evil Dead” on DVD from Netflix over the weekend. I don’t watch TV shows anymore, really, unless they are “Supernatural” or “The X-Files,” but we both wanted to give this one a shot because it ties into the Evil Dead movie series. We got through the first disc really quickly. It’s pretty hilarious so far — and gory. Groovy :).

Still watching “Twin Peaks: The Return,” too. It’s so bizarre, but I look forward to watching it every Sunday night. I hope there’s another season after this because it doesn’t seem as if the plot is going to wrap up in only 8 more episodes…or as if much of anything is really going to happen at all, TBH. Ha. But I am such a Lynch/”Twin Peaks” junkie, I really don’t mind. I will watch and/or read anything related to the show.

Twin Peaks shelfie

Proof. Although I kinda feel like I need that little Funko log lady to make this complete.

I finished reading Just Kids by Patti Smith yesterday. It started off so cute but by the end it was a total bummer. I got to thinking about how, even though Patti and Robert Mapplethorpe were best friends for over twenty years, he has now been dead longer than they knew one another :(. The idea left me in a bit of a melancholy mood. But that is one more book knocked off the virtual TBR pile.

In happier news, the paperback version of The Real You should be available by the end of the week :). This has been largely Steve’s project and I’m so grateful he not only knows how to do these sorts of formatting-type-things, but that he’s willing to, and that he seems to enjoy it. The end product looks so great, I think. Can’t wait to give away some copies!