NaNoWriMo is interfering with my reading schedule.

It’s Tuesday, but I don’t really have anything book-related to report :(.

I’m still reading Dracula. I’m not very far into it. Normally I’d be further along, but…NaNoWriMo!! It’s been a few years since I participated and I’d forgotten how much time it can actually take up. Especially when you fall behind for two days (as I may or may not have done over the weekend :(). I’d also forgotten how much fun this challenge can be, though. I’m enjoying my story so far. It’s so freeing to just write whatever and not have to worry about how it sounds (yet)!

Anyway, instead of books, I do have this picture of some vases I bought at Goodwill over the weekend. Now, I have downsized my possessions a LOT over the past few years and I’m still trying to get rid of stuff, so I’m usually loathe to bring in anything new. In fact, I wouldn’t normally step inside the Goodwill for fear of coming away with something I don’t need, but…S and I had some clothes to drop off and were wanting some other specific items, so we decided to take a look around. We didn’t find what we were looking for, but I ran across these. I already wanted at least one other vase (I’d accidentally broken one of the two clear ones I’d kept a while back) and they match my kitchen/dining area color scheme, so…I got ’em both. Look how cute they are! I love cobalt blue stuff.


They actually do not match perfectly. The one in the back has a swirled pattern on it and has a slightly bigger mouth than the other. But I actually like that they’re not exactly the same.

S and I also bought a really cute, actual-wood (our last one was particle board) dining table off Craigslist on Sunday. S found it and arranged everything with the seller, so he should really get all the credit. Now, thanks to him we are all set for Thanksgiving! Except for the food. I am still trying to figure out what all to cook. I have a set of favorite recipes for mashed potatoes and dressing and whatnot that I rely on, but have never been completely satisfied with the vegetable sides. Maybe this will be the year, though. Maybe roasted Brussels sprouts will be my answer :).

Ok, time to go get some other stuff (like novel writing) done. To everyone else out there doing NaNoWriMo, I wish you all the best of luck!! Hang in there.