Food Waste Friday 11.14.14


Here’s what I’m letting go of today:


Yes, those snow peas have an expiration date of November 1st and today is the 14th. Ew! We actually ate snow peas again on the 3rd but those were from a new bag. So these few that were left over from something else have been sitting there, in the bottom of the vegetable drawer, for a while. I forgot about them!

The tomato slices and onion are looking kinda slimy to me :(. I have issues with onions. It seems we can never eat a whole fresh one before I start to worry about its integrity. For that reason, I usually use frozen chopped onions for everything. Technically they cost more but not if it means I can actually use them all up every time!

I also let go of a whole (7 oz.) container of guacamole yesterday. I’d intended to use it with dinner (we had quesadillas, rice, beans and veggies) but I’d failed to notice the expiration date was the 12th :(. (Often, I make my own guacamole but if the avocados are overripe, I’ll just buy the pre-made stuff.)

Check out The Frugal Girl for her post and more Food Waste Friday links! Happy weekend,

Food waste, recycling, and Oatmeal Chocolate Chewies


Happy Halloween!

This is my favorite holiday of the year, and yet I don’t own very many Halloween decorations. Huh. What decorations we do have, I didn’t even bother to bring out this year! Oh, well. I do plan on making a Jack-o-lantern pizza for dinner tonight. If it turns out, there will be pictures.

Speaking of pictures…I didn’t take any of my food waste this week, but I will report it anyway. A few days ago I tossed out a bit of bagged lettuce that’d gone south (surprise, surprise) and as I write this there are three aging pieces of pizza and some moldy tortillas sitting in my fridge, awaiting eviction. Yum :(.

On the subject of waste (sorta)…In the last neighborhood I lived in, recyclables had to be sorted before they could be collected, and there was no curbside recycling offered. We had to take all of our stuff to a recycling center. That was in a different city. Here, there is a recycling bin on the premises (I live in an apartment) and we are allowed to put all of our recyclables into it. I’d never heard of “single-stream” recycling before (it’s possible I don’t get out much) and was curious about it. This morning I finally looked it up and was enlightened by this little animated video I found on the Atlantic website, all about MRFs — Material Recovery Facilities. If you, like me, are a nerd who likes knowing how things work, and if you don’t already know all this stuff, you might enjoy watching this, too.

This article about the pros and cons of washing recyclables is also interesting. I wash or at least rinse all of mine, but that’s mostly so they won’t stink up my kitchen. Now I know there are other good reasons to do it, too!


In more appetizing news, here are the cookies I made last week. This is another recipe from the Betty Crocker cookbook, Oatmeal Chocolate Chewies. Very, very easy and tasted so good! Past tense. Because we’ve already eaten all of them.



Have a wonderful weekend!


My first Food Waste Friday post


Food waste is a big problem.

About a third of all food grown around the world never gets eaten. Americans alone waste up to about 1,200 calories per person each day.

In an effort to combat food waste in her own home, The Frugal Girl keeps track of (and blogs about) all the food she throws out each week. I think this is a great idea. I’m a bit reluctant to try it out myself, though, because I know some weeks I am really terrible about this and throw away what feels like a ton of stuff. Buuut…since the whole point of “Food Waste Friday” is accountability with the goal of improvement, I am going to give it a go.

Here’s a picture of everything I tossed out when I cleaned my refrigerator yesterday.


Not pretty, I know :(.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the bags of spinach and salad became a recurring theme in these posts. I almost always have issues with them getting yucky before we can finish them!

The foil-covered can had some diced green chilies in it, left over from a couple of recipes I made earlier in the month. The Ziploc container held some old pineapple tidbits I never got around to eating (and no longer trusted). The Ranch dressing was expired. We stopped eating it a while ago, since I’ve been trying to move away from eating bottled dressings in favor of making my own, but still – that was a lot of dressing to get rid of. At least the bits of tomato and green pepper I threw away were pretty tiny. Here’s hoping next week is better!!