Food Waste Friday 11.14.14


Here’s what I’m letting go of today:


Yes, those snow peas have an expiration date of November 1st and today is the 14th. Ew! We actually ate snow peas again on the 3rd but those were from a new bag. So these few that were left over from something else have been sitting there, in the bottom of the vegetable drawer, for a while. I forgot about them!

The tomato slices and onion are looking kinda slimy to me :(. I have issues with onions. It seems we can never eat a whole fresh one before I start to worry about its integrity. For that reason, I usually use frozen chopped onions for everything. Technically they cost more but not if it means I can actually use them all up every time!

I also let go of a whole (7 oz.) container of guacamole yesterday. I’d intended to use it with dinner (we had quesadillas, rice, beans and veggies) but I’d failed to notice the expiration date was the 12th :(. (Often, I make my own guacamole but if the avocados are overripe, I’ll just buy the pre-made stuff.)

Check out The Frugal Girl for her post and more Food Waste Friday links! Happy weekend,