Friday Favorites – 05112018

The list of stuff I’ve been digging on lately. 🙂

1) X-Men

I’ve mentioned before my affinity for digital comics. Well, I’ve been reading a lot of X-Men books lately, at Steve’s suggestion. They’re one of his favorite titles.

I’d read a few X-Men books in the past, but lately I’ve been on more of a kick. Which is good, I guess, since we’ve got plenty of issues for me to choose from (the suggested reading order he wrote up for me me is quite lengthy. Ha.)


God Loves, Man Kills was the basis for the film X-Men 2, and Days of Future Past was the inspiration for the movie of the same title. I liked both movies, but I thought both books were even better!


My favorite X-Man, Cyclops


2)  This guest post on Becoming Minimalist, about gratitude:

This pretty much speaks for itself, so I’ll just leave the link here:

I liked this quote:

“Think of something in your life that you tend to take for granted. It can be as simple as running water or groceries in your fridge, or that you get to listen to music you enjoy or read books that inspire you. Now consider, for a moment, what your life would be like if you didn’t have it?

Especially at times when I find myself caught up in thinking about how something is not quite right—flight is delayed, garage door is broken—I remind myself to pause and think: Imagine life without this. It doesn’t mean I don’t ever want anything or wish for something to be better, but this simple exercise fills me with deep gratitude for the many amazing things that do fill my life, and it offers a helpful way to prioritize where I spend my emotional energy.”


3) Amazon giveaways

Last month, I hosted a couple of giveaways on Amazon. It was so much fun I knew I wanted to do it again, so for my birthday, I gave away a bunch of books. There were winners for everything but one copy of The Princess Diaries, so I’m re-listing it again :). Check it out here:

See this #AmazonGiveaway for a chance to win: The Princess Diaries (Kindle Edition). NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends the earlier of May 18, 2018 11:59 PM PDT, or when all prizes are claimed. See Official Rules (Claimed! :))

I’m also giving away a copy of The Lunar Chronicles coloring book, because I think it’s cool and I sort of wish I had one. Ha.

Lunar Chron coloring book

(I’ll post the giveaway link when Amazon sends it to me). (Edit: This giveaway was over so soon, I didn’t have time to post the link! Congrats to the winner :))

Just to be clear, I’m not suggesting that anything I write is particularly similar to any of the stuff I’ve given away. These are just books I really like, by authors I think are talented. They can be counted as influences of mine, I suppose, and definitely as recommendations! 🙂

These giveaways have been a lot of fun for me, and I think I’ll probably continue to host a few throughout the rest of the year.

4) My birthday

I turned 41 last month!

It was great. 🙂

Steve and I usually like to celebrate one another’s birthdays all month long, so…we did a lot of stuff. We attended several screenings of some of my fave horror and sci-fi movies  (The Brood, Videodrome, Nightbreed) at The Alamo Drafthouse, and he also took me to see Jonathan Davis perform when he came through here on his solo tour! So fun. I’m excited for JD’s new album! Only a couple more weeks to go.

Jonathan Davis

JD and his band. Photo by Steve

On my actual birthday, we went out for breakfast doughnuts and then to see The Avengers: Infinity War, which of course was awesome.


Then we went out for my fave meal, pizza and beer for dinner (Because I am classy like that. Ha). I had a great time. Steve sent me these gorgeous multi-colored roses.



5) Chips and Cheese Chili Casserole

Okay, this is probably one of the easiest recipes ever, but it is so, SO GOOD. I always joke that I could probably eat a whole pan in one sitting. I like it so much, this is what I chose to make myself for my birthday meal (a few days before my actual birthday…like I said, we tend to stretch out the celebrations to an inordinate degree around here :)).

chili chips and cheese casserole ingredients

I think this casserole would be great for a pot-luck, particularly if you made it a day ahead because it tastes even better after it’s been sitting in the fridge all night.

chili chips casserole completed

Probably not the healthiest thing you could ever eat, but also not the worst for you. The recipe says it’s gluten-free and with all those beans, it’s got to be high in fiber, right? So there’s that!

chili chips casserole leftovers_1

This is pretty much all that is ever left over.

FWIW, the recipe says there are all sorts of different ways you can make this casserole, and I’m sure that is true, but…the first time I made it, I used (1) 15 oz. can of black beans, (1) 8 oz. can of tomato sauce and (1) 14.5 oz. can of Amy’s brand Medium Chili, and this combo was so tasty, I have never bothered to change it. I think ONE time I tried it with a different kind of vegetarian chili and I just didn’t like it as much, so…these are the ingredients I normally stick with. I also like to use Kraft Triple Cheddar “Creamy Melt with a touch of Philadelphia cream cheese” in this, because it adds more tartness and pairs well with the sour cream (I think). Try it and see!

5) Craft beer

I’m not sure how Steve and I initially got into drinking craft beer, but it’s become sort of a hobby for us. We’ve been lucky enough to visit a ton of breweries around the state, as well as a few in other places.

Recently we went to Family Business Brewing Company in Dripping Springs, which is co-owned by Jensen and Danneel Ackles. The name is a nod to “Supernatural” – “Saving people, hunting things…the family business.” 😀


Their IPA, Cosmic Cowboy, was so good! I’m not into this craft beer stuff enough to know all the ins and outs about every different style, but I do know what I like and I am definitely an IPA fan. The hoppier and more bitter, the better IMO.

The day after the Family Business tour, we did a 5K at the Rentsch Brewery in Georgetown, and their beers were really good, too. (This is the Double Dry-Hopped IPA, which was pretty amazing). The race was fun — nice weather for it!

rentsch beer

Pic by Steve


6) Concerts with my husband

There was a time in my twenties when I remember being really burned out on going to concerts. I’m not sure why, but they just didn’t hold much appeal for me anymore. Then Steve and I started going to more and more live shows again, and now I love them.

John 5

Last month we went to see John 5…and I took this blurry photo of him.

We’ve been lucky enough to see tons of bands perform over the years. This past week we saw Mastodon. They’re hugely talented and put on a fantastic show. This was especially cool because we’d made plans to see them twice before and both of those shows had ended up being canceled. They said they hadn’t played here in two years! So, yeah…it was great to finally catch them again.


Much better pic of Mastodon by Steve

Okay, I think that’s all I’ve got for now. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!




Friday Favorites — 02092018

Hi friends, I hope you’ve had an awesome week!

I’ve decided to try out a “Friday Favorites” feature here on my blog this year. It’ll be a short list of things I’ve enjoyed throughout the week or in the recent past.

I figure this will not only allow me to share a little more about my day-to-day life, it will also work as a sort of gratitude exercise for me, helping me to stay focused on positive things.

I think my personality naturally leans toward the gloomier side (I’ve mentioned before, how depressed I was when I was younger), and while I’ve become a lot more cheerful over the years, it’s much easier for me to stay upbeat when I focus on the good.

And maybe some of the things I post about will be useful for you, too! 🙂

So, here we go, in no particular order:

1) A clean pantry, freezer, and fridge

Last week I decided to clean out my freezer, fridge and pantry. None of these areas ever gets too bad, honestly, because I try to keep on top of such things, but still…I knew both could use a bit of straightening and cleaning, and there were a few older items lurking in each that needed to come out.


I felt so much better after doing this! Especially since it reminded me of some of the dry and frozen goods I have squirreled away…which in turn helped spur some ideas for upcoming dinners – always useful when it comes time to write up the meal plan for the week!

2) Awaken with JP

I learned about this YouTube channel by listening to The Minimalists’ podcast. They had JP Sears on as a guest at one of their live events. I’d never heard of him before. Because I live under a rock. But now I’ve watched/listened to a bunch of his videos and think they’re all pretty funny.

Btw, I personally think gift cards are awesome, both to give and to receive. But the video still made me lol :).

3) Thank you notes

Steve and I spent some time over the weekend writing thank you notes for everyone who donated to our recent fundraising efforts on behalf of the Houston Food Bank (unless I didn’t have your physical address, in which case I messaged you! :)) Writing thank you notes is something I often put off, but after I do it I’m always glad I did. It reminds me to be grateful to have people in my life who care about me and support what I’m doing. So I guess you could say I’m grateful to have something to be grateful for!

4) Digital comics

I never really read too many comics growing up, just stuff like Richie Rich and Archie when I was little. A few years after we got married, though, Steve got me into reading more grown up things…like superhero titles ;).

I’m so glad, too, because I love comics, now!

Deadpool WG vol 9

As a writer, I feel I can learn a lot from how tightly these stories are paced, and how efficiently they are told, with as few words as possible. Plus, they are just plain fun to read. And now with the advent of digital comics, it’s easier than ever to collect a whole bunch of titles without needing an extra closet (or two) in which to store all those long-boxes!

long box_1


I like to read my comics on the Comixology or Kindle apps, using my Amazon Kindle Fire. These past few months a lot of Marvel titles have gone on sale on Amazon, and I’ve been tearing through them. Particularly the Deadpool catalog. So funny!

5) Target runs w/Steve

I only go to Target every once in a while, when there’s something specific I need from there, so it always feels like kind of a special occasion to me. I like to wait until Steve’s off work so we can go together. It’s just more fun that way. Probably because after we’re done shopping we usually sit and have a snack and some conversation in the little concessions area up front.


(Stock photo from Pexels)


This last time we went, I was pleased that a couple of the things I needed were on clearance, and that I remembered to use a $5 gift card. My bill ended up being only $27. This isn’t so unusual these days, but there was definitely a time when I would have spent waaay more than that, and probably on things I didn’t need at all. It still surprises me sometimes, how much my attitude toward shopping has changed, but I like love it, and so does my bank account. #ThanksMinimalism!

6) Jessica Smith TV

Jessica Smith is another YouTube discovery. I’m not even sure how I first heard of her; probably YouTube recommended one of her clips. All I know is, I quickly became hooked on her workouts. They’re so simple, yet not necessarily easy. There are no complicated moves and usually no jumping involved, yet somehow she always makes me “sparkle” (her nice word for sweat) like crazy. But I also always have fun! These are a great way to break up the week’s workouts, on those days when I don’t run.

You can watch a ton of Jessica’s content for free on YouTube, but she also has a digital store with a mind-boggling array of professionally-produced discs and digital downloads available for purchase.

walk on

This one includes my favorite routine, the “Boogie Down Mile.” Yes, it’s as fun as it sounds!

Oh, and I didn’t even mention the cute pup, Peanut, who cameos in most of Jessica’s videos. This may just be what other work out videos have always been missing: an adorable French bulldog. ‘Cause how can you go wrong with one of those? Answer: you can’t.

7) Dune

Steve and I and a friend of ours are doing a group-read of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi epic, Dune.

It’s one of my all-time favorite books, and I’ve read it twice before, but it’s been a long time. I’m loving it all over again! Not to mention it’s bringing back lots of memories.

In some ways, I really hate thinking about my younger years (because, again, I was often in a dark place back then), but Dune is a pretty good memory for me. I was probably thirteen the first time I read it and back then, the story completely captured my imagination in a way nothing else ever had before. I remember being blown away by the realization that someone could a write a book like this, with such a detailed background, its own language and history, etc…it definitely inspired me to want to make up my own fantasy/sci-fi world, too!

Maybe someday I still will ;).

Also, how awesome is this retro cover?! I love it.


8) Pretzel buns

I know pretzel bread was sort of everywhere a few years ago now, and now…not so much. But just because they’re not trendy anymore doesn’t mean they aren’t still delicious! Steve and I had some this week, with homemade veggie burgers.

pretzel sandwich

A left-over. Went deliciously the following day with some Tofurky slices.

These buns were store-bought, but maybe sometime I’ll try to make my own.

There was that one time Steve and I made pretzels and they turned out alright, so this is not completely outside the realm of possibility!

Okay, y’all, I think that’s it for now. What have you been loving lately? I hope you’ve had a wonderful week, and that you enjoy your weekend! Love,


The pretzel project

Last week, I cleaned out my pantry and found this Fleischmann’s pretzel-making kit.

2015-01-10 19.51.06

I’d bought this a looong time ago. Not really sure when. I know I brought it with us when we moved into this apartment, though, and that was almost 6 months ago! Woops.

I’d originally gotten this because, while I was interested in trying to make pretzels (my husband LOVES them), I was a little afraid of making them completely from scratch.  I’d never made pretzels before and assumed it would be difficult and/or complicated. For some reason the boiling step was worrying me. But when I saw that the expiration date on this kit was next month, I decided I ought to go ahead and use it up soon.

Because I was still worried it would be a long, involved process (despite the claim on the box that it would take “less than one hour”), I decided to ask my husband if he’d help me with the project over the weekend. I wasn’t sure if he’d be into it and I didn’t want to be pushy, so I just sort of mentioned it in an email and left it at that. I was surprised when he brought it up a couple of times during the week, reminding me that we were making pretzels together over the weekend :). I think I’d failed to take into account just how much he loves soft pretzels! Ha, ha.

When Saturday rolled around, we popped open some of S’s latest home brew and got to work.

2015-01-10 19.56.14-2

The pretzel-making turned out to be pretty easy after all…

2015-01-10 19.50.59

2015-01-10 20.55.49

…including the boiling part I’d been so worried about.

2015-01-10 21.03.26

The only glitch came when I burned myself on a baking sheet (hmmm, maybe beer and baking don’t mix?).

Our end product looked and tasted great, though.

2015-01-10 21.28.42

Next time I attempt pretzels (or pretzel buns, which I also love), I will probably make them from scratch, but the kit was definitely a good way to familiarize myself with the process. I do think having a partner helped a lot, too. For instance, S was able to take all of these great pictures while we both worked, something I often have trouble with when I’m making things on my own.

Also, what can I say? It never hurts having a super-cute boy in the kitchen with you. I think I’m going to have to remember that and enlist his help more often ;).

Asian “Beef” With Mushrooms and Snow Peas

Here’s a super-quick, super-easy, delicious meal  I like to make on busy days. Or when I’m feeling lazy :).

Note:  You can speed this up even more by preparing your sauce and veggies ahead of time and by using one of the greatest inventions ever, instant rice. I usually serve mine with egg rolls. And of course I also made this vegetarian by using Gardein Beefless Tips.




3 Tbs. soy sauce

2 Tbs. rice wine vinegar

1 Tbs. brown sugar

1 tsp. corn starch

1 Tbsp. vegetable oil

1 Tbsp. chopped ginger from a jar

1 Tbsp. minced garlic

1 pkg. Gardein Beefless Tips

8 oz. snow peas (I cut mine in half to make them easier to eat)

8 oz. cremini mushrooms, sliced


1. In a small bowl, combine the soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, brown sugar and corn starch. Set aside.

2. Heat oil in a skillet over medium heat. Stir-fry ginger and garlic for 30 seconds. Add the Beefless Tips and brown for 2-3  minutes on each side. Add the vegetables and stir-fry for an additional 3 minutes. Add the soy sauce mixture; bring to a boil. Lower heat and simmer until the sauce thickens, about 1 minute. Serve over rice or noodles.

*Adapted from

Preliminary results of my diet “experiment”

So last week I decided not to eat any dairy for 4 1/2 days, while S was away on a business trip. I ate a lot of the same things over and over (nothing new for me — I tend to get hooked on things and end up repeating them pretty often :)).

I had oatmeal with almond milk and fruit for breakfast almost every day, and a hummus sandwich for lunch. Snacks were fruit and/or nuts. Dinner was leftovers or a big salad, plus one night I made half a batch of one of my favorite vegan dishes, Pineapple Not-so-Fried Rice.

tofu rice cropped

Look at all that raisin, cashew, tofu and pineapple deliciousness (also, I used brown rice instead of white). I could eat this for days. Which is good, because even half a batch of this stuff makes quite a bit! S and I had the leftovers over the weekend and I finished them up at lunch today.

When S returned from his trip, we had homemade Margherita pizza (with mozzarella cheese) for dinner :). But over the weekend, I continued to limit the dairy and now, 8 days later I have to say I feel pretty good! I don’t know how to describe it other than to say I feel “lighter.” Not as…puffy, I guess? I wasn’t so much trying to lose weight, though, as I was just trying to gauge how differently, if at all, I felt by not eating dairy. Because it seems as though people who cut dairy out of their diets always say they feel “great” afterward. And darn it, I want to feel great, too :)!

I have vegan dinners planned for the next 3 nights as well, so I’m going to continue on this track for now and see what happens…just in time to ruin it all by eating Christmas cookies next week, I’m sure. But, hey I think this might still be a good habit for me to carry into the new year!

Going vegan…for the next few days, anyway.

avocados croppedTell me that isn’t what you love to see when you slice open an avocado?! I may have actually said the word, “perfect!” out loud when I saw it. Which was fine, because my husband is out of town on business for a few days so there was no one around to hear me being weird :).

While S is away, I’ve decided to experiment a bit with my diet, just to see how I feel. I already don’t eat meat (and haven’t forever), but I’m not going to have any eggs or dairy, either, until he comes back on Friday night. And I’m going to try and limit the refined sugar, too.

So for lunch today I had this lovely sandwich:

hummus sandwich croppedThat’s a vegan bread I was happy to find at the grocery store, called The King’s Bread from Silver Hills Bakery, topped with hummus, red pepper flakes, avocado, tomato, and some baby spinach spring mix.

I got the idea for the red pepper flakes from this post at Oh She Glows. It never would have occurred to me otherwise, to put them on there, or how tasty they would end up being. I’m officially hooked. I just wish I’d remembered to add the sea salt and pepper mentioned in the OSG post, too, because that sounds so good :(. (I have no pesto but that sounds like it’d be amazing, too). Maybe tomorrow! Because, seriously, I think I might be able eat this every day for the rest of my life. It was that good.

BTW, the leftover avocado will make it’s way into guacamole I plan to have for dinner along with some leftover tofu and veggie fajitas, rice and beans I’ve got sitting in my fridge.

What are y’all eating?


My Thanksgiving re-cap and plan

Place settingI hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving :).

Ours was nice. My father-in-law came to visit us for a few days. On the morning of the holiday, S and I participated in a 5-mile Turkey Trot and then afterward, I finished preparing dinner. Here’s what we ate:

Ultimate Dinner Rolls

This year, I only made one pie instead of two and I started making preparations two days ahead of time instead of only one. I suppose these changes made a difference, because this was probably the “easiest” time I’ve ever had cooking the T-Day meal! I felt far less rushed than usual and I loved that. So I’m going to record the “plan” I used here, so I won’t forget it and can hopefully recreate it in the future :).

Tuesday, I —

  • baked a pan of cornbread for the dressing
  • made pie crust dough and refrigerated it
  • got out all my serving dishes, utensils, etc. and made sure everything was clean and ready to go

Serving dishes and utensils

Wednesday, I —

  • transferred the Tofurky Roasts (I make two because they’re so small and I like leftovers) from the freezer to the fridge to thaw
  • made the pumpkin pie filling, rolled out my pie crust, and baked the pie (and for the first time ever, instead of using pieces of foil, I used this doohickey* I recently bought to prevent the crust from burning; it worked perfectly and I was very pleased with the results)
  • made the dough for my rolls, shaped them, covered them with plastic, and put them into the fridge
  • opened a can of cranberry sauce and put it in its serving dish in the fridge
  • crumbled the cornbread and mixed it with the rest of my dry dressing ingredients. I stored this in my largest Pyrex mixing bowl and covered it with its matching lid so it was all ready to go the next day.

Garlic Parmesan Roasted Broccoli

Thursday, I —

  • peeled and cut potatoes, put them in water and stored them in the fridge in another covered Pyrex mixing bowl (side note:  I’m not a Pyrex rep or anything. It’s just that I got these bowls as a birthday gift last year and I love them. I use them for everything, ALL the time!)
  • washed and cut broccoli, put it in casserole dishes, and topped it with the olive oil and seasonings; stored it in the fridge
  • put the Tofurky Roasts in a roasting pan, basted them, and put them into the oven to cook
  • took the rolls out of the fridge and let them rise on the counter; brushed them with butter
  • cooked onion and celery and mixed them with the other wet ingredients for the dressing, added them to the dry ingredients and put the dressing into baking dishes
  • put the dressing into the oven when the Tofurky was partway done
  • put the broccoli into the oven
  • boiled and mashed the potatoes
  • heated the gravy on the stove
  • cooked the carrots and baked the rolls (since these both only took 15 minutes)

And voila! That was it. Probably the only thing I would do differently is cut the broccoli, and possibly the potatoes, on Wednesday instead of Thursday.

Like I said, though, this was overall the easiest Thanksgiving meal I’ve ever made and I feel like the pre-planning I did helped. I literally wrote out all the steps I needed to take ahead of time and then checked them off as I went. So even though on Thanksgiving Day, my garbage disposal decided to back up and spray gunk several feet into the air (and my husband very kindly came in and fixed it for me), it didn’t throw a huge wrench into my day or anything ;).

However, what I apparently didn’t remember to do, was take photos of most of the food! We didn’t get any of the Tofurky or the pie before it was cut :(. S did manage a shot of one slice with his phone before it disappeared, though…


Now I suppose the Christmas planning can begin…? 🙂

*This post contains Amazon affiliate links.

Choosing my T-Day recipes (+ a reading update).

It’s lunchtime and I’m reading my book and polishing off last night’s leftovers.

Still reading Dracula. Last night was a “reading night” here (as in an evening when S and I read books instead of watching a movie) so I was able to make a good dent.


Yay, progress! (I really do like this book, I promise; I’m just slow.)

As for the food — I am accentuating my Tofurky sandwich with what remains of this recipe I tried last night for Garlic Parmesan Roasted Brussels Sprouts.


This was all that was left, so I guess you could say the sprouts went over pretty well :).

I’m still on the fence about making them for T-Day, though. I keep thinking the garlic Parmesan topping would work just as well with broccoli, and I love broccoli (as opposed to just being friends with Brussels sprouts), so I may use that instead.

I WILL be making these Ultimate Dinner Rolls that I tried a couple of weeks ago, though. They were easy and turned out really well! This will be my first Thanksgiving making rolls from scratch. I usually use frozen ones. Here is a tutorial for how to make them:

This nice lady (Tessa at Handle the Heat) seems to have a LOT of helpful videos on her site, actually. This morning I watched this one about making pie crusts.

I have gotten pretty good at making pie crusts over the years (if I do say so myself), however I still picked up some tips here!

I’ve mentioned before that I was not a domestic diva growing up. My mom claims this is because I “never wanted to learn anything.” To which I say, what kid DOES want to learn anything useful? When the choice is between chores or watching TV in your room, I don’t think I’m the only child who would have picked TV (please tell me I’m not the only one). So parents who know how to do cool homemaking stuff, please do me a favor and force your kids to learn those skills, too! Otherwise they will end up clueless like me. When I first moved out I had to try and pick up things from Food Network, HGTV and books. Now it’s the internet, of course.

But this is why I am so grateful to people who post tutorials and instructions online. They really help out “stragglers” like me.


Food Waste Friday 11.14.14


Here’s what I’m letting go of today:


Yes, those snow peas have an expiration date of November 1st and today is the 14th. Ew! We actually ate snow peas again on the 3rd but those were from a new bag. So these few that were left over from something else have been sitting there, in the bottom of the vegetable drawer, for a while. I forgot about them!

The tomato slices and onion are looking kinda slimy to me :(. I have issues with onions. It seems we can never eat a whole fresh one before I start to worry about its integrity. For that reason, I usually use frozen chopped onions for everything. Technically they cost more but not if it means I can actually use them all up every time!

I also let go of a whole (7 oz.) container of guacamole yesterday. I’d intended to use it with dinner (we had quesadillas, rice, beans and veggies) but I’d failed to notice the expiration date was the 12th :(. (Often, I make my own guacamole but if the avocados are overripe, I’ll just buy the pre-made stuff.)

Check out The Frugal Girl for her post and more Food Waste Friday links! Happy weekend,

My first Food Waste Friday post


Food waste is a big problem.

About a third of all food grown around the world never gets eaten. Americans alone waste up to about 1,200 calories per person each day.

In an effort to combat food waste in her own home, The Frugal Girl keeps track of (and blogs about) all the food she throws out each week. I think this is a great idea. I’m a bit reluctant to try it out myself, though, because I know some weeks I am really terrible about this and throw away what feels like a ton of stuff. Buuut…since the whole point of “Food Waste Friday” is accountability with the goal of improvement, I am going to give it a go.

Here’s a picture of everything I tossed out when I cleaned my refrigerator yesterday.


Not pretty, I know :(.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the bags of spinach and salad became a recurring theme in these posts. I almost always have issues with them getting yucky before we can finish them!

The foil-covered can had some diced green chilies in it, left over from a couple of recipes I made earlier in the month. The Ziploc container held some old pineapple tidbits I never got around to eating (and no longer trusted). The Ranch dressing was expired. We stopped eating it a while ago, since I’ve been trying to move away from eating bottled dressings in favor of making my own, but still – that was a lot of dressing to get rid of. At least the bits of tomato and green pepper I threw away were pretty tiny. Here’s hoping next week is better!!