I’ve had some busy weekends lately.

On March 22nd, S and I completed the Donut Dash 10K in San Antonio, TX. While we were there for the weekend, we saw the new Cinderella movie. I thought it was great! I was pleased the filmmakers didn’t really change the story much from the old cartoon version, as that was always one of my favorite Disney movies. When we got back into town on Sunday, we had dinner with several old friends. We ate outside, which was great because the weather that night was perfect for that sort of thing.

The following weekend we were in Dallas to see The Toadies.

And this past week we stayed in town but were busy doing a little shopping. And I assisted S in making another batch of home brew :). Looking forward to trying that when it is ready!

Getting back to the topic of Cinderella…here is a jigsaw puzzle of her I completed a while back:

Cinderella puzzleAs a kid, I always loved putting together jigsaw puzzles.Recently I started thinking about them a lot and wanting to do one. When I saw this one at the grocery store, I knew I had to try it. I really liked the unique border!

S and I also completed this “best sellers” puzzle recently:

DSCF3456It was bigger than the Cinderella puzzle (1,000 pieces vs. 600) but it came together a lot easier and faster. This was obviously because S was helping me but also, I think, because there were so many different patterns in the design. It seems as though when there’s a large expanse of all one color or pattern, it takes longer to put together.

Anyway, I’m happy to have returned to this hobby. It helps me to clear my mind and relax :). Next, I’ve got a Disney Snow White puzzle waiting in the wings (there is one in this series for every Disney princess and she is my favorite)!

Happy weekend,


PS – Hmmm…maybe I ought to change the name of my blog. I seem to have fallen away from posting every week :P. I will try to do better.