Happy Holidays!


“Christmas House” by White Mountain, 1000 pieces


Christmas planner?

I really want to make one of these Christmas planners I keep seeing around online!

I’ve pinned a few ideas for them on my (surprisingly and oddly empty) “Christmas” Pinterest board but there are SO many other cute possibilities out there…so far this one seems to be the most comprehensive set of printables I’ve found.

I’m tempted to just try and design my own planner completely from scratch, though. That seems like it’d be fun :).

I sort of would like to have a green or red notebook for this project, but I also don’t like the idea of having to buy something else. Especially not when I already have a few empty notebooks lying around. Although…those old notebooks I have aren’t particularly cute :/.


I’ll obviously have to think about this some more :).

Do any of you use special notebooks for your holiday planning? Any printable packs you’d recommend?