Preliminary results of my diet “experiment”

So last week I decided not to eat any dairy for 4 1/2 days, while S was away on a business trip. I ate a lot of the same things over and over (nothing new for me — I tend to get hooked on things and end up repeating them pretty often :)).

I had oatmeal with almond milk and fruit for breakfast almost every day, and a hummus sandwich for lunch. Snacks were fruit and/or nuts. Dinner was leftovers or a big salad, plus one night I made half a batch of one of my favorite vegan dishes, Pineapple Not-so-Fried Rice.

tofu rice cropped

Look at all that raisin, cashew, tofu and pineapple deliciousness (also, I used brown rice instead of white). I could eat this for days. Which is good, because even half a batch of this stuff makes quite a bit! S and I had the leftovers over the weekend and I finished them up at lunch today.

When S returned from his trip, we had homemade Margherita pizza (with mozzarella cheese) for dinner :). But over the weekend, I continued to limit the dairy and now, 8 days later I have to say I feel pretty good! I don’t know how to describe it other than to say I feel “lighter.” Not as…puffy, I guess? I wasn’t so much trying to lose weight, though, as I was just trying to gauge how differently, if at all, I felt by not eating dairy. Because it seems as though people who cut dairy out of their diets always say they feel “great” afterward. And darn it, I want to feel great, too :)!

I have vegan dinners planned for the next 3 nights as well, so I’m going to continue on this track for now and see what happens…just in time to ruin it all by eating Christmas cookies next week, I’m sure. But, hey I think this might still be a good habit for me to carry into the new year!

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