Going vegan…for the next few days, anyway.

avocados croppedTell me that isn’t what you love to see when you slice open an avocado?! I may have actually said the word, “perfect!” out loud when I saw it. Which was fine, because my husband is out of town on business for a few days so there was no one around to hear me being weird :).

While S is away, I’ve decided to experiment a bit with my diet, just to see how I feel. I already don’t eat meat (and haven’t forever), but I’m not going to have any eggs or dairy, either, until he comes back on Friday night. And I’m going to try and limit the refined sugar, too.

So for lunch today I had this lovely sandwich:

hummus sandwich croppedThat’s a vegan bread I was happy to find at the grocery store, called The King’s Bread from Silver Hills Bakery, topped with hummus, red pepper flakes, avocado, tomato, and some baby spinach spring mix.

I got the idea for the red pepper flakes from this post at Oh She Glows. It never would have occurred to me otherwise, to put them on there, or how tasty they would end up being. I’m officially hooked. I just wish I’d remembered to add the sea salt and pepper mentioned in the OSG post, too, because that sounds so good :(. (I have no pesto but that sounds like it’d be amazing, too). Maybe tomorrow! Because, seriously, I think I might be able eat this every day for the rest of my life. It was that good.

BTW, the leftover avocado will make it’s way into guacamole I plan to have for dinner along with some leftover tofu and veggie fajitas, rice and beans I’ve got sitting in my fridge.

What are y’all eating?


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