The Top Ten Best Horror Movies I Watched in October 2014

Every October, S and I watch a different horror movie every night of the month. Afterward, he posts cool art and trailers from each film over on his blog. All the links in this post are his.

I think this October Movie Month was one of our most enjoyable yet! We had a really good “mix” of titles to choose from — some older, some newer, some stuff we’d never seen before, and a few favorites. Plus we sampled from a variety of sub-genres, which is always cool. I decided to list the ones I liked most, so I won’t forget them. Here’s my top ten countdown.

10) Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

Fun. And I kind of want that “Fueled by Frijoles” t-shirt.

9) Slither

I’d seen this before but it was still fun and hilarious and great the second time around. “Baby, what happened to your face?” “It’s just a bee sting.”

8) Night of the Creeps

Somehow, I’d never seen this before! Great, especially when watched back to back with Slither, for a fun nasty-slugs-from-space double feature.

7) Jug Face

This is one of those movies I know I’ll never forget. I found it to be unique and more disturbing than scary — although not quite disturbing enough to make my list of Movies I Wish I Could Unsee (post coming soon).

6) We Are What We Are (2013)

Wacky religious cannibals! I have not yet seen the Spanish film this is based on, but now I’m intrigued.

5) The Returned

I’ve been pretty sick of zombies for many years now, so I really appreciated this movie’s different take on them! It’ll make you think.

4) Eyes Without A Face

This film is from 1960 and is in black and white. It’s also in French and has subtitles. I had never even heard of this classic until recently. I really loved some of the imagery, though — weird and grotesque and beautiful all at the same time. And the surgery scene was more graphic than I’d anticipated, considering how old the movie is.

3) Nurse

Just campy, gory fun. Reminded me of something I would’ve watched back when I was younger and living with my roommates. For some reason me and the girls always got a big kick out of watching crazy “erotic thrillers” like this. Although maybe I shouldn’t admit that-?

2) Only Lovers Left Alive

I can’t quite put my finger on what I liked so much about this movie, but I really, really loved it. It was different for a vampire film.

1) Maniac (2012)

Hands down my favorite movie of the month! I love art films and I love horror films and this is an almost perfect blend of each. I’d worried the “shot-from-the-killer’s-POV” device would get annoying but it never did. And instead of overshadowing the story, I think it really enhanced it. The movie winds up being artsy but still sick and gory and seedy the way a slasher film oughtta be. Awesome.

On Halloween night, we also watched The Devil’s Rejects (my pick) and Phantasm (S’s pick). I didn’t include those on the list, though, because they’re both sort of perennial favorites of mine and therefore go without saying…I know a lot of people dislike TDR, and I can see how it’s not for everybody, but IMO it’s a horror masterpiece. I love Rob Zombie!!

PS — Here’s how my Halloween pizza turned out last week:


He was almost too cute to eat! But eat him we did :).

Have a great weekend!


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