Movie Day

For months, S and I have been busy with something-or-other on the weekends. Back in July and August we were wrapped up with packing and moving. Since then, we’ve traveled for concerts and races and other events. So it’s kind of funny that the first weekend I decided to write about, we had zero plans. We spent a lot of time just sitting around reading and working on little projects, relishing the downtime.

I love going out to the movies, but even that seemed like too much effort this weekend. So Saturday we had what we call a “movie day,” where instead of going out to see a matinee at a theater, we just get sodas and candy from the convenience store, pop microwave popcorn, turn out all the lights and watch something here at home in the middle of the afternoon. S bought the sodas and some Halloween-y junk food (Candy Corn M & Ms and Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins), popped the corn, and we watched Horns, which for some reason is already available to stream even though it isn’t out in theaters yet (I don’t think). S and I have both read the novel this movie is based on (I LOVE Joe Hill!!)and both thought it was depressing. The movie is depressing, too, but it was well-made and a decent adaptation of the book. I thought Daniel Radcliffe did a good job in his role.

This movie was part of a thing we’ve done the past six years or so, where we watch a horror movie every day in October; I’ll write more about that later, though.